We are delighted to have had all three blends of Nubbin Oil reviewed by esteemed adult product reviewer Emmeline Peaches today.

“From the moment I applied this oil, it shot through my body, infused my vulva with an intense buzz of heat, and basically made it so that I instantly grabbed my sheets (when going the non-toy route I like to have something plush between my thighs) and basically jack off there and then. The result was an amazing climax, which felt on par with some of my stronger wand experiences, and that was without a single toy and in a speedier time than I think I have achieved without toys in literal years.”

As you can see from the above extract, you can see that Emmeline loved Nubbin Oil!

Read the full review at http://emmelinepeachesreviews.com/2018/01/18/product-review-the-nubbin-oils/

Don’t forget, you can save 10% on all orders (including already discounted multi-bottle bundles) by entering coupon code LOVE1810 before Valentines’ Day 2018.

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