If you do a quick internet search for the term “Aphrodisiac Oil” you will find lots of weird and wonderful results. From tablets to swallow to essential oils that smell so good, they really put you in the mood!

Now what if you were to find a 100% natural product that, when applied externally, created such a sensation for men that it felt as if you were already having sex and as for women, we’ll let Emmeline Peaches describe her experience:

From the moment I applied this oil, it shot through my body, infused my vulva with an intense buzz of heat, and basically made it so that I instantly grabbed my sheets (when going the non-toy route I like to have something plush between my thighs) and basically jack off there and then. The result was an amazing climax, which felt on par with some of my stronger wand experiences, and that was without a single toy and in a speedier time than I think I have achieved without toys in literal years.

Yes, such a product does exist and it’s called Nubbin Oil. Since 2004, people have been leaving incredible reviews on eBay and all over the internet…

“Super Fast delivery! Gotta go, wifey’s calling from the bedroom……….again!” 

“Oh my word. I felt like I was with my partner without touching anything!”   

“OMFG…So good the neighbours needed a cigarette. THANK-YOU. 5*.”      

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