Due to some excellent customer feedback, we have changed the website pricing structure to be more in line with our eBay store. We are also now offering some excellent discounts for purchases of two bottles or more – a brilliant way to try out several or all of our new strength blends.

Nubbin Oil pricing is now as follows:

1 bottle = £8.99
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There’s been no better time to discover (or even re-discover) Nubbin Oil!

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If you search for “Nubbin Oil” on the internet, you’ll see posts on forums from all over the world asking exactly the same thing, “What is Nubbin Oil… why all the hype?”

Since it’s launch in 2003, Nubbin Oil has been a huge hit on eBay where it was first sold by it’s inventor, nutty professor Anthony X from the Peak District in the UK. He was obsessed with stories of ancient cultures using chilli peppers as an aphrodisiac – with it’s ability to increase the heart rate and raise the body temperature it is said that the heat from chillies can telegraph the visual cues of a sexual flush. Anthony was interested in the warming properties for a sexual massage rather than something to be ingested – after almost 18 months of trial and error with his patient (but very willing test-subject) wife, he finally hit on the winning formula.

A blend of habanero chilli and essential oils including hop, sweet orange and tea tree saw the perfect, all natural blend of ingredients that Anthony was ready to launch with on eBay. The blend was exactly right – amazing warming results without being too hot to use (much to his wife’s delight!). Nubbin Oil was not just a lube, the heating effects of the chilli produced intense sexual stimulation for both males and females. He was on to a winner!

The sales were instant and, driven by the incredible feedback that Nubbin Oil was getting it quickly became one of the hottest and most talked about products on eBay and sales were flying.

“Ooooh my god !!!! my g/friend thanks you and me to great stuff”

“Super Fast delivery! Gotta go, wifey’s calling from the bedroom……….again!”

“Men be prepared, this stuff drives the misses nuts HOT HOT HOT ITEM (WOW)”

“Org*smic! Literally. Fast delivery and fast results! Will definately re-order “

“Drove my woman crazy! Thanks! “

“This stuff is fantastic – a Valentine’s Day to remember”

The above are genuine feedback comments received for Nubbin Oil on eBay – people loved it and rightly so. With just a few drops needed for females and a few more for males, the results were instant and word soon spread.

Anthony struggled to keep up with the demand from so many customers and in early 2004 decided to start wholesaling Nubbin Oil via eBay. I purchased a pack of 10 and handed them out to friends and colleagues to try. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive too and along with 2 colleagues, we started to buy direct from Anthony and sell on eBay ourselves. I also created this website and we started selling online via our own store as well.

Business was so good that after a few months, we approached Anthony with an offer to buy the exclusive world wide rights to Nubbin Oil. After a fair bit of negotiation (Anthony is a top businessman as well as a brilliant inventor!) we agreed on a deal and DRT Online Ltd became the sole owners and trademark holders of Nubbin Oil. The rest they say, is history…

Except that it wasn’t an entirely smooth ride for us. To start with, our eBay ads started getting pulled – they were concerned with the raunchy comments we were getting in our feedback section and also the frank descriptions of how to use it and the results were seen as being in breach of eBay’s strict Mature Audience rules. In fact, only the US and Canada versions of eBay actually had an adult section and as we are UK based, Nubbin Oil really was banned! It took weeks of diplomacy with the highest level of eBay’s support team but finally we were allowed to list it again – but on condition; Our descriptions had to be less graphic and we had to leave it to the reader’s imagination as to the expected effects from Nubbin Oil.

We thought that sales would suffer but our new eBay sales ads, with added intrigue, only fuelled the demand and curiosity got the better of the web as to what exactly the whole Nubbin Oil thing was about. Sales were better than ever (over 10,000 bottles sold in the first 12 months of trading) but with other business interests and family matters pressing, we took our eye off the ball and our customer service started to fall behind. Orders were being dispatched late and we struggled to keep everyone happy. Eventually our eBay account was locked and this time there was no sweet talking the eBay reps – we were no longer allowed to sell anything!

After an eBay hiatus, I ended up buying out my colleagues and started selling Nubbin Oil again through my own eBay account. The demand was still good but then disaster struck; the company that produced the chilli oil concentrate for us changed hands and the quality and reliability of the chilli was often nothing like it originally was. I started getting complaints and sales dropped for the first time. I honestly didn’t know what to do – I tried six  other manufacturers but still they couldn’t provide a consistent blend.

In early 2017 I started looking again and eventually discovered an established British company that not only could produce the original hot blend, they could also do bespoke variations using different chilli varieties. I had them produce five versions ranging from very mild to extremely hot. I sent out free trial bottles to old eBay customers, particularly the ones who had complained that there was no heat or in fact that it was too hot (it’s incredible how the sensitivity in people’s sexual glands can vary).

After feedback from the trials I settled on THREE blends; the original HOT plus new MEDIUM and MILD blends for those with more sensitive sexual glands. These three blends are now available both on eBay and also here in our online store. The sales have already started to come through and feedback, once again is ultra-positive!

If you haven’t yet tried Nubbin Oil then there is no better time than RIGHT NOW. Not sure which blend to go for? Unless you have really sensitive skin or are ultra sensitive “down below”, I’d suggest you go straight in for the original HOT blend. If you are worried it might be too hot for you then go for the MEDIUM and if your skin is really sensitive to heat then the why not try the MILD to start off with.

Whichever blend you go for, Nubbin Oil can be enjoyed by males and females alike and used both with your partner and for solo use (very popular!).

Enjoy your Nubbin Oil and remember, It’s HOT!

David Allen
Managing Director – DRT Online Ltd