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From the moment I applied this oil, it shot through my body, infused my vulva with an intense buzz of heat, and basically made it so that I instantly grabbed my sheets (when going the non-toy route I like to have something plush between my thighs) and basically jack off there and then. The result was an amazing climax, which felt on par with some of my stronger wand experiences, and that was without a single toy and in a speedier time than I think I have achieved without toys in literal years.” *

We get comments from all over the world about the amazing results of Nubbin Oil, namely, the sexual super-satisfaction of men and women everywhere.

You might be thinking that ordinary “oil” couldn’t do all that… but Nubbin is no ordinary oil! Nubbin Oil goes WAY beyond plain lube with the addition of fast-acting, intensity-boosting herbal ingredients to give you not only sweet slipperiness, but also actual increase in the sensitivity, pleasure and climax of any sexual activity.

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Get your Mojo working again with the “hottest” marital aid. Nubbin Oil is made from 100% pure plant extracts with an amazing sex stimulant effect. This wonderful silky smooth massage oil can – when used as directed – create a “When Harry Met Sally” moment that can ’BLISS YOU OUT’ whenever you fancy a special boost to normal stimulation!!


Nubbin Oil has been created to exploit the various sex stimulant properties found in certain natural plant extracts; it is designed to specifically stimulate the nerves situated in the main erogenous zone of both males and females.

An addition of a few drops onto the female’s clitoris and up to ten drops on the head of a male’s penis acts, during any sexual activity (solo or partnered), to stimulate extra production of natural lubricants and helps build excitement to the highest levels to create a significantly deeper and more prolonged orgasm into the final climax!!

Over 20,000 bottles sold! Have you tried something HOT?

We have sold over 20,000 bottles of NUBBIN OIL! If you are looking to add a little SPICE to your lovemaking then why not try it yourself? Nubbin Oil is quite unlike any other oil on the market as it’s ingredients help to rouse the body’s largest sexual organ —- the brain—- and significantly helps to create all that is needed to bring the ’proceedings’ to a more than satisfactory close!

For just £8.99 you get a bottle packaged in a discrete padded envelope with instructions for use. Just two drops for her and up to 10 drops for him, per session, means that one bottle can last a long time. Order more than one bottle to receive HUGE discounts.

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Remember, NUBBIN OIL is made from 100% natural plant extracts. Order some today and give your lover something HOT!

NUBBIN OIL is also ideal for solo use as well as partnered.

What makes NUBBIN OIL so good?

A secret blend of essential oils, combined with a well known sex stimulant, made from various chilli plants ensures a HOT sensation during foreplay and lovemaking. This really is the essential massage oil!

Please contact us if you have any questions about NUBBIN OIL but we suggest you buy some and try some today!